Hey, Simon, I want to make nikuman for lunches, but while I’d usually use japanese style beef curry as a filling, I’m out of meats aside from sandwich turkey and whole beef liver. Last time I tried to make curry with liver I couldn’t get it to taste quite right. Any advice on how to get a more traditionally beefy flavour into the meat chunks, without over salting it like stock cubes would? If it tastes too livery, my mom will probably complain, since she grabs some of the lunches I make too.

Liver is meant to taste like liver. It’s not ever going to taste like the other meat. You can soak liver and things like buttermilk to help, but it still will just taste like liver. What’s wrong with that? Liver is delicious, learn to like it

You said you’ve lived in Virginia City in the past, so I assume you at least visited Bodie, CA? I was just reading a story on the Bodie Foundation Facebook page about how in 1881 some men threw parts of a human body down the Ajax shaft & not long after the grave of Mary E. Turner had been found to been robbed. Figured it was either Resurrection Men or some of your cousins. More likely the former though.

I find that logic…eh…not logical. I said I lived in Virginia City. Which means my territory was in the area surrounding Virginia City. I had no cause to go to Bodie.

Contrary to what modern fiction readers may believe, old west ghost towns are not a contiguous space. They don’t attach in some metaphysical old westiness that one can traverse like a highway. When I lived in Virginia City it was a very vivid active place many times larger than the current city that sits there for tourists who dash from one remnant to the next. Bodie was very far away by my standards.

No, I’ve never been to Bodie

You have to keep in mind, that what’s there today is a remnant. There was no way for me to know at the time that those places will still be here. Consequently I’ve been places you can never go because they don’t exist. And I’ve also been to places that are much larger now than they were when I was there. I went where I went, if there’s something left, for you to say, then by all means do. But please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that I insert myself where I haven’t been so that people can make tourism of my life as if this were a scavenger hunt.

I took the overland from Reno to the pass, where I disembarked via defenestration. I hung about in Truckee. I then took the Dutch flat Donner Pass Road on foot, all the way over the mountains and down through Colfax. I made my way to Sacramento. And then I took the ferry from Sacramento to Oakland. I set up shop there for a little while, doing business in the city every day. I then lived in San Francisco for a little while to complete my business. Then I took a steamer north.

That accounts for my time, from late 69-76. Prior to that I was working on the railroad. We began in Ohio and pushed west.

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