due to sensory issues, i can’t eat many veggies/fruits without gagging. i try to get nutrients by eating what veggies i can stand and drinking v8, but apparently that isn’t enough for my “family” to not talk abt how “im a/an older child/teen/adult and need to stop being childish(a.k.a let them basically force-feed it to me)” my whole life. if there’s any advice you have, whether i should learn how to eat them or to make them leave me alone for once, i would appreciate it. thank you, simon.

Get a high powered blender and blend them, mix them with fruit juice. Drink them that way. Tell your family that if they actually cared they would help you try any way you can, not force you to try it their way. The fact of the matter is that just because they cannot understand something, doesn’t mean they should ignore it.

Ask them to be creative. Not rude.











Quite honestly these cows are all looking pretty normal and getting my milk from them seems pretty good right now.

Now. For your almond milk.

Need massive acres of trees which have to be shaken with heavy machines to get those out. Goodness. Much of it’s grown in California, so water has to be drawn into a rather dry area. And they complain cows use so much. These canals don’t look too natural to me.

Oh so natural almond milk machines. I do love it when my products need a ton of additives and processing.

So stop and jump off that high horse. You not drinking dairy won’t make you a better person. Thinking you know all about animals because you don’t eat them doesn’t make you someone to listen to. Putting a smiling cow or almond on a package isn’t gonna hurt or change anything.

why is this dumbass shit on my dash why was this recommended to me this is fucking stupid

they literally have to bleach out the blood and pus but go off ig

You guys seriously need to see real milk someday. Plus and blood? Your drinking motor oil and grease more then the stuff you claim is in milk.

“Stop spreading misinformation this post is dumb!”

“You have to bleach milk white because of pus and blood uwu”

If milk is bleached white then spaghetti grows on trees. 

I’m sure @dairyisntscary or @agro-carnist would know much more about this for obvious reasons but google is a free resource that you clearly don’t know how to use with discernment so here goes. 

Any dairy product can have a “soft yellowish” color for a variety of reasons but “blood and pus ew icky” isn’t one of them. It could be the fat content in the milk, or high levels of carotene present in pastured cows at certain times of the year.

Titanium dioxide is occasionally added to processed cheeses in small amounts, as a dye or to improve texture, but even that is only based of off one [x] source that I could find.

There is NO credible source to indicate that titanium dioxide is used commonly in milk. None. Meanwhile, here is a fresh pail of raw, unpasteurized cow’s milk:

Looks white to me but I guess I’m just brainwashed. 

Hey @sobadpink (somehow I can’t tag you, fuck. You really need to see your ass get roasted) you know what else titanium dioxide is in? Toothpaste! So unless you brush your teeth with just baking soda and water you better not be complaining about TiO2. Also, don’t say milk is “bleached” when you really mean “pigmented white” because those are VERY different things. Same goes for @veganmikehanlon since they also apparently can’t tell the difference!

TiO2 is also regarded as a safe compound for consumption and is considered dangerous when inhaled. Even so, the only places I could find claiming liquid milk had TiO2 in it were random foodie blogs that used scare words like “Big Dairy” and described whitening with TiO2 as “pieces of metal” (the wording is misleading. Unless you consider microscopic particles as “pieces” then this wording is deliberately conveying an innacurate message) to concern people. The only products they could actually prove had the compound in it were processed dairy items, not liquid milk. And again, TiO2 is in a lot of products like toothpaste, candy, gum, etc. If you’re whining about it in milk you better be whining about it in other food and mouth products too!

And to add to @sebbysheepie ’s dumb comment, there’s no blood in milk, “pus” is white blood cells and they are found in miniscule amounts. This is because it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to have ANY food 100% clean from outside material. Guess what? Your canned veggies, bread, peanut butter, and literally all products contain small amounts of insect parts, rodent hairs and droppings, insect eggs, molds, and other contaminants. All of this is approved by the FDA. Enjoy eating rat shit and larvae while you complain about blood!!

https://thedairyalliance.com/farm-tours/Bovine veterinarian speaking here. Just so you all know, cow milk comes out white naturally. Colostrum, or the first milk with antibodies in it for calves’ immune systems, is a rich thick gold, but then it turns normal white. 
HUMAN milk, however, is often off-white. Maybe this is where the misinformation started? Human breast milk, especially higher-fat milk, will often be an off-white color. 
But cow milk is white. It just is. There’s no artificial coloring, especially in the milk used as fluid milk. And milk sold in the US is one of the most highly regulated and tested food products in the world. They have SO many checks and balances to make sure your milk is clean, safe, and wholesome. 

There are many public dairy farms and milk plants you are welcome to visit to see this demonstrated. The public farms are JUST LIKE the other farms, except they put in observation decks in for people to watch an otherwise boring farm day. 

I recommend visiting this website with a list of boring dairy farms doing everyday dairy farming that regular people can tour.

Just gonna reblog this again for @vetmedirl’s spectacular addition. Also super fun that I found a cattle vet to follow.

Titanium dioxide is in many cosmetic products. They should read all their labels before they jump on their high cow, methinks.

I’m so tired of people talking about how cows are miserable. They’ve clearly never met a cow. Dairy cows are not wild animals anymore. They’re perfectly happy eating grass and having excess milk siphoned off. Clearly they’ve also never met a cow that needs milking.


me: immune system why do i have a fever

immune system: well the bacteria can’t survive outside 37 degrees for long so i thought i’d raise the temperature to kill them off!


immune system:


immune system:

me: we also can’t survive outside 37 degrees for long

immune system:

Quick Ramen noodle soup


@3141z (who I can’t tag) asked me about my ramen recipe ages ago, so here it is! Taken from Slowly Veggie 4/2018 (German vegetarian/vegan cooking magazine).

Serves 4


  • 1.5l vegetabe broth
  • 1 tsp sugar, agave nectar or maple syrup
  • 4 tbs teriyaki or soy sauce
  • 2cm ginger
  • 300g instant ramen
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 red or yellow bell pepper
  • 2-3 spring onions (only the green parts)
  • 4 hands full of shiitake mushrooms
  • A bunch of fresh coriander
  • 4 sprigs peppermint
  • 2 heaped tbs roasted, salted peanuts
  • 3 heaped tbs sprouts (e.g. mung bean sprouts, alfalfa bean sprouts)
  • 2 slightly heaped tbs dried fried oions
  • 2 tbs roasted sesame oil
  • Asian chili sauce or chili flakes (optional, to taste)

Heat the broth, sugar and teriyaki or soy sauce. Peel the ginger and grate very finely. Break the ramen in chunks and add to the hot broth with the grated ginger. Cover and let steep according to the cooking instructions for the ramen.

In the meantime, brush the carrots and cut into thin slices. Remove stem and seeds from the bell pepper, clean and cut into thin strips. Cut the strips in half. Cut the washed green parts of the spring onions in fine rings. Remove stems from the mushrooms, cut the hats into very thin slices. Chop herbs finely, chop peanuts coarsely.

Distribute the noodles and hot soup into four deep dishes or bowls. Add vegetables, garnish with washed sprouts, chopped herbs, peanuts and dried fried onions. Finally add some sesame oil and chili sauce on top and serve.

If you want food photos

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