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Seeing how many of my friends get nasty messages to flat out death threats from anti-science people who claim that they can cure their mental illness with “Yoga, organic food, & drinking water” and saying they’re “Evil Big Pharma Shills” for taking their scientifically proven meds, I can’t help but wonder if we would have fewer suicides & fewer mass shootings if the anti-science crowd would STFU & let people take their meds in peace.

It does make one wonder.

Might I suggest that your friends fend of threats by asking questions, like “what is your personal interest in how I manage my mental illness? Why do you feel the need to involve yourself in someone else’s life to such an invasive degree? Do you think threats cure mental illness? If so, then you may have something far worse than mental illness, I.e perpetual and terminal stupidity. You cannot cure that by strolling through the woods eating leaves.”

As should be suggested from the above, this aged creature has utter disdain for anyone who says they have someone else’s life all figured out, and seeks to make that point through any mean spirited or negative way. If they have it figured out, they would know how to make it seem lovely, and if the way was the truth, it’s rightness would be apparent.

People who try to dictate to others through cruelty are merely bullies looking to self medicate for their own grievous mental flaws and difficulty interacting with the universe which denies them control over all that is chaotic.

It’s not merely “mind your own business for a happy life” it’s “if you had a happy life, you’d be good at minding your own business”

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