when i was camping this past summer one night there was this person of indeterminate gender wandering around the campgrounds in a full medieval plague doctor getup. mask, beautifully tailored scholars cloak and doublet, breeches, boots, gloves, etc. every time they took a step they swung their cane, which hit against something hanging from their belt and made a soft ringing noise

i’m like 90% that was one of the fae tbh

Just a “pissed off” cousin of mine trying to work through his psychological damage over the plague. I got mine out ages ago in much the same way. Pranks help.

Not you obviously, but us. They help us.

if u see them tell them their clothing is rad i was a bit too drunk to approach at the time

It’s likely a good thing you didn’t.




not sure where else i’d put them

How does one have a surplus of ants?

You can get ‘em at your favorite ant shop

But…what I mean to say is…well, it’s twofold.

Firstly, why do you have ants.

Secondly, do you not think that however many ants are needed for a task is sufficient? Can there ever be a surplus of ants? I mean really? There’s always just as many as are needed to vary the thing away and scout for more. It’s not as if they keep eating once the food is gone.

There’s always just enough ants.

I googled scabies and now I’m full of regret and maybe fear



I plainly said “do not do it”. Humans are ridiculous.

I’ve seen many a parasite in my day, but that one always amuses me, because people have reported to me that they can feel something crawling in their skin, but doctors insist that’s impossible. You can’t really feel them moving! How ludicrous!


I’ve always found that rather ridiculous as well, alongside doctors believing they know the patient’s experiences and perceptions better than the patient themselves.

If someone says they feel something, chances are they’re feeling something. Might not be what they believe it is, but it’s worth investigating all the same.

Well in this case, they actually are feeling the bugs burrow. Doctors listen, say “eh, it’s nothing” and prescribe some ointment. Instead of hearing “it feels like something is crawling around in my skin” and think “hmm I know of at least one common parasite that does that!”

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