As a fan of Queen, I am looking forward to seeing the movie but I also know not to expect the ‘Best Thing Ever’. I am disappointed by the fact they dont show his sexuality as it was (which I grew up being told by my mum that he was gay so I’m confused why people say he’s bisexual…?). Though, I would like to ask; what was the acting like? Especially Rami Malek’s performance since he played such a huge icon. And thank you for your review!

The acting was fine, but it wasn’t a particularly difficult script. He mimicked Mercury well. He could have done a lot more, but he was somewhat hampered by trying to mimic fully and trying to manufacture greatness when the script gave him nothing. No elucidation on how Mercury came to his genius or how it manifested. None. He sits in a chair and writes. That’s it. No though for how his life informed or added the lyrics. None. This is not Walk The Line.

There are reports he claimed to be bisexual and he was with a. Woman for a long while. As I recall it, he drifted into experimentation and such, but I didn’t know the man. So all I can say from what I witnessed as well as the film, that if you are looking for a depiction of bisexuality, you won’t find it. In fact it seems to almost vilify his leanings. Without spoilers, I can’t explain, but it vilifies his sexuality—his bisexuality or gayness is immaterial, because of how it’s shown as taking away from his cis-het relationship.

I gather that that is precisely how those sorts of things happened then. People couldn’t find themselves at younger ages, but instead had a lifetime of plight and discovery, but…

I would have been happier if they hadn’t made it so overt for the sake of expediency. When you see the scene, you’ll understand and see that it comes out of nowhere.

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