Smoking a Diesel oscuro

Someone entertain me. I’m bored and the “beauty guru” gossip channels are not sustaining me. Their “tea” is lacking in complexity.

There, I’ve said it. The only gossip I ever conscience is beauty guru nonsense, though! That is a recent phenomenon! I didn’t care before June. I honestly didn’t. Then all the beauty people I follow to obtain makeup tips began to devolve into a mass of whining, hypocritical children who shout at each other on Twitter. Given that our President is of this ilk, I thought “Oh I’ll give it a watch” and now I’m involved in these minuscule ridiculous lives of people who are trying to make a fast buck in a multi billion dollar industry!

I digress.

It’s stupid and I am not amused. Someone ask me a question or make a joke or “hit me with fresh knowledge”. That’s a phrase, yes?

Hit me. I could use a good punch. God I haven’t been punched in weeks.

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