Policing spelling is rude

As I’m sure I’ve just said recently in a post about the letter E. I find the policing of spelling particularly egregious as a fault in a person’s character.

I have been speaking English since the 1500′s in all its forms. I came before the first dictionary which made up most of its spellings. I am well-versed in most of its root tongues. I do not give a fuck what you think of spelling errors.

But let it be known, I have difficulty with electronics. For a number of reasons. My fingers have no friction ridges, I have long “nails” and in addition to this, I frequently interface with these electronics in unusual electromagnetic ways, which causes the phone to stop responding, type on its own, or shut down applications at random. I have to switch between my phones often to prevent them from fatiguing. Most recently, the new iphone iOS update has done terrible things to my spellcheck, which I must leave on, because of my fingers and their inability to use touch screen effectively. Because of this, I’ve been using the “speech to text” function, which has an absolutely terrible time understanding my accent.

This means that all the entries I write on my phone, including ones that go viral, are unfortunately laden with errors. I cannot help this, it’s due to a “disability” So please take your fucking language lessons and shove them right up your back entry, if you please, and know that when I know there are errors, I always return and fix them on my computer when possible. However, this often transpires after the post has already been reblogged. So please do sard right off.

Pack of ad hominem jackwagons.

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