Anon who saw the future here again. I’ve just been thinking about how I went to an ancient, anthropophagic monster for advice during a prognostication induced existential crisis. Most people, including most of the ones I know, would find the very idea completely ridiculous. It’s rather amusing to think about.

Ridiculous means literally “worthy of ridicule”. People tend to be too hasty with ridicule, when what they should be using is analysis.

I’ve seen many things I cannot explain. I view that, not as a threat, but as a challenge. Others should do the same.

But then again…I’m an ancient, anthropophagic cryptid, advising you through a prognostication induced existential crisis…I have to say that.



There’s a section of Yellowstone National Park where you could probably get away with murder. The ‘Zone of Death’ is a 50- square-mile area on the Idaho side of the park that’s entirely uninhabited. If you committed a crime within the zone, there could be no jury because nobody lives there, a trial would be impossible, and, therefore, you could not be convicted. Source Source 2 Source 3

That’s…not how legality works.

The state troopers would perform the investigation and the case would likely be filed in federal court because it’s a national park.


China’s Xinhua news agency says it has developed an artificial
intelligence news presenter, ready to take over 24/7, every single day
of the year


The news anchor, based on the latest AI technology, has a male image
with a voice, facial expressions and actions of a real person. “He”
learns from live broadcasting videos by himself and can read texts as
naturally as a professional news anchor.

Yes but can he make stupid jokes about the weather?

I feel that’s an important skill.






If you’re discouraged about the election results

Don’t be. You’re hearing media do what it does: harp on one person’s lack of enthusiasm and make it seem that that one opinion is held by thousands.

This race went precisely as I thought it would. Precisely.

And it was absolutely a massive success.

So let me tell you why, so that you feel better and can easily put down the annoying crowing that republicans are going to do, because they managed to cling to a few things.

If the votes fall as I believe they will, the democrats will have retaken the house by some 30 seats. This is impressive and somewhat unique in our country’s history. The GOP, upon taking the house originally, jerrimandered these districts in impressively screwball ways. Wherever that rigging has been overturned, the districts have gone blue. Which is, of course, why they did it. Democrats have the house now, 30ish flips in republican rugged districts. 15 of those being female candidates.

That is absolutely impressive.

A few key candidates to whom many people were paying close attention did not perform as people desired. Abrams, O’Rourke, Gillum. Well…I’m not surprised. Abrams faces absolute state wide fraud. Her opponent being the person also in charge of voter registration, withholding some 50k votes of which 70% were black. Voter intimidation. This is blatant corruption. And yet still…her race was very close. So too with Beto. Ted Crews was a presidential candidate! When he took Texas, he did so with a wide margin. Last night in Texas he was fighting tooth and nail. Gillum’s goobenatorial race for Florida was a figurative dead heat. 99% of the vote in—49% Gillum, 49.7% DeSantis. These are CLASSICALLY and FULLY republican regions in which Trump took the presidency by huge margins. That these races, with all those challenges, were as close as they were PROVES that something unprecedented happened.

3-400% voter turnout increases for a midterm election. Mostly with the youth.

But let’s talk about what it means to have the house.

Now I know you’re probably concerned about the federal judgeships that are about to pop up for consideration, and it’s true that the Senate was needed to stop approvals of those candidates, but…

Control of the house means that Democrats now take hold of some critical committees. These committees are the very ones that will be overseeing corruption allegations. Ways and Means, energy and Commerce, Financial Services, Intelligence, appropriations, foreign affairs, armed services, judiciary, transportation and infrastructure, and…government reform.

How do you feel now?

The worst political fallout of a GOP controlled government, the worst sound bites that weren’t Trump’s, the worst slaps across the face? All came from footage of those very same committees. Those committees now belong to Democrats.

Massive policy shifts also occurred in many classically conservative states—legalizing marijuana votes, Florida giving the vote back to former criminals who’ve served their time thus giving the vote back to a HUGE portion of the African-American Community that has been held in check by a racist and classicist policing method, then there were upsets in many small ways too.

I promise you…this is all excellent and it will have truly important and forceful impact. In 2020, if we can keep that same enthusiasm and rage, the entire government will shift. But that can only happen if we keep moving forward, if the candidates who won keep their noses to the grindstone and push back hard, if you and I and everyone on the ground continues to talk about this and force out bigots and greed.

Do not be discouraged. I promise you…this was an amazing election. Don’t focus on a few bright stars and think that all is lost because they fell. There is a great deal happening here, and one thing I know from being at sea—when a wave is building, there is first a terrifying shift, as the water level begins to build. The ship will begin to dip and then of a sudden, the swell will begin. The ship raises and passengers suddenly realize that the were much higher than before, with an incredible view. Then the wave crests and destroys what’s in its path.

We didn’t see a wave crest tonight. So what. That means it’s a much larger wave than we realized. It will crest in the future. But only if that fluid pressure is maintained.

This is good. It is. So long as everyone keeps working. This is good.

Calm down. Have a glass of champagne. A cup of tea. When they Trumpet all their noise…say nothing. Nothing needs to be said. You’re higher than you were with an excellent view of the ending. So relax. Don’t fret.

Listen to Simon, y’all. Simon is wise. 

Simon is divisive.

I’m starting to notice a pattern on both sides. And I’m probably guilty of it somewhere to.

This whole “ we need to take all the power from them” rhetoric across the board, needs to stop. The left, on every level, has me afraid to go outside to the point that I felt the need to get my conceal carry permit and buy a full size handgun to protect myself with.

“let’s take control so we can get them” is a dangerous game to play. And the game ends when the first militia fires first. And the left has already had one shoot up a country music concert in Vegas and a baseball game.

Things are very balanced now. The fun and games is over. Let’s all calm down and be Americans again before people start getting hurt.

I am not divisive. I am apparently not speaking to you, so you are in fact, involving yourself in a conversation intended for others.

Let’s not calm down. Most of GOP policy is egregious and amoral. It is funded by corporate interest and led by financial con artists. It is unified behind a banner of xenophobia and codified racism. It vilifies the free press and calls its own constituents a mob, whenever they disagree. That is unAmerican.

For the record: a democracy exists to allow people to exercise their opinions. When it fails to allow this or discourages it, it is not a democracy.

I said nothing about “taking power” or “getting them” but that’s what you heard, which means you feel in some way personally attacked. If that’s true, then perhaps you should analyze why, instead of attempting to accuse people of saying and doing things they never would. You don’t know me, friend.

By all appearances…you won’t want to.

Simon: Don’t get discouraged just because we didn’t win everything.  A lot of good people got elected and they will put their time in office to good use, and some good laws got passed.

This guy, apparently: Why are you threatening me with physical violence?

Me, an intellectual people eater: Would you like something worth fearing?

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