What about the thousands strong dangerous caravan with leoprasy and small pox? The one that Trump was going to repel with 15,000 troops (more than in Afghanistan and costing 200 million dollars)? Why isn’t that still being updated?




when will people use the anon function to send passionate, homosexual anonymous love letters

reblog if you want a passionate, homosexual anonymous love letter

Well I got one and it was so sweet and heartfelt that I want to keep it so, sorry anon, not posting but just know…. you almost made me tear up in public

Can I reblog to receive anonymous recipes? Or perhaps an anonymous interesting thought of the day? Or a random fact? They can be a homosexual as they like, as it concerns me not one bit.




A human skull found with a broken spear / sword still embedded in it. The skull is said to be that of a Roman soldier who died during the Gallic Wars.

is he okay :/


You should see this happen to a human head. It’s not at all what most people think. There is almost no blood. They sort of just stand there for a moment and then drop. And then they bleed, but still…not as much as you might think, because the heart has stopped.

My airbrush machine broke

I suppose I’ll spend the next few days using a sponge. Luckily for me, it’s the cool time of year and so I don’t look out of place wearing coverings from head to toe. All that sticks out is my face and hands, and even those I can glove according to current fashion trends.

Call and winter are the best times.

Do you ever question how humans have survived this long, given that we see your blog that says “I eat people.” and we go “I like that one, they’re shaped like a friend.” ?

All the fucking time.

All I can surmise is that there were too few of us and increasing numbers of you. Surging in other contexts was likely due to collective living, socializing for survival. This breeds disease, which is how religions begin—as a series of ethics, codes, behaviors that prevent disease or increase likelihood’s of survival (supposedly)





Soot tags gather after fires in areas with low circulation. They are not, as commonly believed, ash covered spider webs.

oh, well then what the FUCK are they???

They’re made of sticky particles from a polymer or petroleum based fire, like burning carpet, drapes, upholstery, and clothes. Due to a static charge, they chain together and naturally gather near ceiling corners because the rising hot air pushes them into the cool spots by convection. 

Because they’re formed by static electricity, they can only be removed with professional chemicals and equipment. Attempting to remove them improperly will only break the chain before all the soot can be captured, leaving the remaining soot to spontaneously reform the webs later. Even worse, trying to wipe or wash them away can firmly adhere the soot to your wall or ceiling, which will permanently stain it. 

A natural phenomena that only coincidentally resembles the damned webs of transdimensional ghost spiders.

Fire cryptid.

Someone draw it.




Three things I find hilarious about this:

1: Jeff Goode goes to Furry Cons

2: Disney acknowledges and prepares show creators that their show will, most definitely, become porn.

3: Disney has examples on hand of how said show will, most definitely, become porn.


Disney doesn’t just have examples of said porn!!

Ok story time. Yeaaaars ago i dated an animator chick. During that short time together we ran around a lot and met a bunch of industry people in our area.

One of them used to work for Disney. So we are hanging out at his apartment and conversation being what it is he kinda says “hold on” and goes off to dig in the closet. He comes back and sets down a couple STACKS (and im talking foot high) of printer paper.

What followed were a couple hours of hysterical laughing as we paged through “a history of Disney animation- porn edition”

See Disney has this weird rule in their artist contracts- everything you create while in their employ is THEIRS. Even in the off time. Its one of the reasons they are reviled in the industry. But the rule was set in place to basically steal good ideas from their staff or force them to ONLY work on Disney ip’s while employed.

The jokes on them though. They didn’t count on most artists being giant perverts (this story is also why i laugh when people tell me drawing smut will ‘ruin your art career’)

So! Disney being bastards ended up earning them smut of everything they’ve ever created. And also per their policies they had to keep it. Every artist knew about the smut vault and our buddy here had photocopied a chunk of it. Yes… 2-3 feet of smut was just a chunk of it.

Snow white? Rescue rangers? Goofy? Minnie? Micky? Beauty and the beast? Aladdin? Yup you name it it was there. Some of it was mild. The topless little mermaid stuff made sense at least. Some was raunchy as hell. ALL OF IT in the animation style of the films and shows.

So yes, not only does Disney know there will be porn, have the porn, but they official porn.

You’re welcome.

ok but what this means is that someday, probably not in our lifetimes but someday, Disney will go bankrupt and need to auction off the secret porn to private collectors

And humans will buy it.

Sex is the most basic instinct next to “not dying”

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