Anonymous interesting thought of the day: you might come within just feet of someone who will later be your best friend hundreds of time before you first meet. (My parents lived next door to a friend I have now when I was a year old, and none of us figured it out until eighteen years later).

I ate at Chef’s Bistro twice before ever meeting him. Now he sleeps in my bed and complains that I won’t consent to marry him.

I keep telling him that’s technically illegal and also suicidal. He shrugs.

Divorce anon here. It’s… tricky. Ofc I want them to be happy, but i don’t think separating would do that for them. And they’re both in counseling but idk if it’ll be enough to keep my dad from ending it. The debt is my fault. I know that’s not fair (i was in college and then I got real sick and had to leave to get medical treatment) to put on myself but it’s hard not to think about because even if it’s not fair, it’s still true. I am the reason we’re in debt and my family is ruined.

That is not “your fault”. That’s circumstance. Has nothing to do with you. And that’s their duty as parents, so don’t you dare internalize that. Tell them not to worry for you, to do what is best, to consider all options, including bankruptcy.

But don’t blame yourself. It’s neither healthy nor constructive. Not even accurate, frankly.

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Yes, a real one. No, not an artistic creation or a
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This Tumblr blog is one facet of an ongoing immersive
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I am not sure whether or not i should turn anon off, but here it goes… honestly, I don’t care that you’re a man-eating monster… I still see you as someone who tries to make the best decisions possible, and I really admire that. I am always anxious and unsure of my actions and the impact they have on others, and I usually find myself thinking “Would Simon approve of what I am doing?”. Sounds kinda silly, but it’s easier to look up to you than people I see everyday.


Would Simon “Young Person” Me?

Look at the bottom of my FAQ and you’ll find the information regarding “Young Lady”.

Do you have any advice for period cramps (and mood swings while were at it)? I’m using heat and painkillers but still feel like Satan’s baby is trying to crawl out of me



I don’t get those, so my advice is one part what I recall, one part witchdoctory, and one part nonsense.

I recommend a hot water bottle or heating pad, a bath, a painkiller, and something that aids in that sort of muscle contraction—like turmeric.

Eat a curry.

Raspberry leaf tea is also great-there’s some sort of compound in them that helps

Yes, it’s similar to turmeric and penny royal and all the other muscle contraction compounds.

Today is the 100 year anniversary of the Armistace of WWI

I don’t think I can impress upon you the degree of change this war indicated. It meant global culture and global strife. It was the first step in a new era.

Do honor to your predecessors today by learning something about the war. Ignorance of these things makes it all too simple for them to happen once again.

If you comment on this post or reblog it, please do so with a fact, or a personal experience connecting you to the war.

I implore you to give this day some very significant contemplation. Which should include some consideration of why our President arrived so late to the services given today in Paris.

President Macron’s words were well stated.

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