Divorce anon here. It’s… tricky. Ofc I want them to be happy, but i don’t think separating would do that for them. And they’re both in counseling but idk if it’ll be enough to keep my dad from ending it. The debt is my fault. I know that’s not fair (i was in college and then I got real sick and had to leave to get medical treatment) to put on myself but it’s hard not to think about because even if it’s not fair, it’s still true. I am the reason we’re in debt and my family is ruined.

That is not “your fault”. That’s circumstance. Has nothing to do with you. And that’s their duty as parents, so don’t you dare internalize that. Tell them not to worry for you, to do what is best, to consider all options, including bankruptcy.

But don’t blame yourself. It’s neither healthy nor constructive. Not even accurate, frankly.

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