I tried searching for this and couldnt find anything, so.. do you have any advice for how to stop being afraid of someone? Long story short: an incident happened between myself and my brothers best friend. His friend is a piece of shit, but in this instance I’m hesitant to say he did anything wrong. But now I seem to go into fight/flight around him, and that doesnt seem like a fair response to have, at least for my brother, if not his friend too. So, do you have any advice? Thank you either way.

I’m not sure I understand how he could have done nothing wrong if you’re afraid of him instinctually.

I think fight or flight is not a matter of control. You have to simply desensitize yourself by being arounnd him more frequently, but why bother? If he’s a terrible person and inspires fear, then stay away from him. Who cares what your brother thinks.

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