Nevermind that these beetles are NOT A NATIVE SPECIES and therefore it’s VERY IMPORTANT we do what we can to remove them. And thanks to LOADS of dead trees just laying around, California now has a chronic problem, worse that I’ve seen it in all my life, with wildfires. And like it or not, it’s not 100% Trump’s fault. Even if we do want to blame the fucking moron.

Nobody said it was his fault, but I wonder that you spend so much time defending him from his own ridiculously insensitive remarks on the point.

No, the MAJORITY of the blame needs to lie on the doorstep of short term thinking “environmentalists” who only think of the now and not the long term. Who refuse to believe in invasive non-native species of bugs, animals, and plants. We wouldn’t be having so many fires if they’d just shut up, think for a second, and let the infested & dead trees be removed & replaced with healthy ones. Please put the majority of the blame for the wildfires where it belongs. Thank you.

These were urban fires that had nothing to do with forests. Again…the major culprit in California is dead grasses and species of trees that make use of fire to break through seed pods. If you want to be angry, be angry at the idiots who transplanted a hundred and fifty years ago, the eucalyptus species to the California coastline. It killed off the natural oak forests there as well as redwood growths. Also…ice plant is not a native species and is largely responsible for the very coastline erosion it was transplanted to prevent. Large grasslands and drought conditions are to blame for most of the fires.

Again…please inform yourself and don’t come here to use my platform as your personal soap box. It’s rude.

But, like I said, this is really about the California wildfires. See, we have this invasive species of wood boring lorn horned beetles, that have NO real natural predators to keep them in check because they’re NOT from this country. They’re killing trees left & right. But make any suggestion to go into the woods to remove dead & infected trees & replace them with healthy ones & the “environmentalists” start protesting that we need to “leave nature alone.”

That is also false. There are many environmental organizations whose sole purpose is to do just that. If the forest service was up and running properly and funded, they too would be at that.

It’s like the ICE separating families thing – Trump, like it or not, did NOT start that. It happened under Bush AND Obama & no one said a word. It’s NOT Trump’s doing. It’s something that has gone on for a LONG time without protest until now. Which makes me wonder if people would still scream “Abolish ICE” if Hillary “My Husband Is A Rapist” Clinton was president. Or if they’d continue being hypocrites. (I didn’t vote for her NOR Trump, FYI.)

That’s not true.

ICE was created in 2002. It was a part of the Homeland security act.

Families were not separated within it. In fact Obama had several containment and asylum facilities constructed or repurposed specifically to keep families with children together. Asylum seekers were processed and released. Hence the oft lamented rallying phrase “catch and release” you’ve heard Trump scream at rabid crowds.

Families who bring children are not harboring rapists and criminals, for the vast majority of cases. No one brings a child hundreds of miles and makes a desperate bid, if they are a criminal. That’s not how human psychology works. Criminals move swiftly and alone.

And if you didn’t vote for either her or Trump, then you threw away your vote in a two party system rigged to do away with third party votes. Which means you are complicit. You helped hand us an enemy we loathe rather than one we can deal with. You shouldn’t be terribly proud of that.

The American system was designed with the sole intent to give the appearance of democracy, when in fact it isn’t one. The electoral college removes that right, and recent changes to it have ensured that. Third party votes do not swing a presidency except in extreme conditions. That’s simple math.

Please inform yourself and stop shouting at my readers.

I hope you don’t mind a multi-part anonymous ask. I saw your post about the California fires last night & as someone who actually lives in California, even though I would happily smack the President Orange in the mouth with a 2×4, I think it’s unfair to put 100% of the blame on him when this is a LONG time issue that was actually caused by an invasive wood boring beetle & idiots who call themselves environmentalists. Feel free to combine all the asks, BTW. There’s a few more coming.

I never placed blame on anyone.

I said he lied in misrepresenting the issue and blaming the victims. the GOP in California has continuously defunded the protection of wildlife areas and the maintenance of forests. For decades. I do actually know a fair bit about this.

The point is that as the President, Trump lied and was a villain. He claimed the fires had to do with poorly managed forests. These particular fires were Urban intersection fires. Not forest fires. In California, the majority of wildlife areas are under Federal management, or lack thereof. Some are in private ownership. Meaning that if there was a fire in a forest, his railing against poor management would be the fault of his own party and his actual administration.

Except that these fires aren’t.

His first response was to deflect blame and threaten to withhold aid. It wasn’t sympathy, or a pledge. He had to be called out by the head of the Firefighters association as “misinformed” before he did the right thing. He’s a disgusting bully.

Please do take your ire upon that point elsewhere. I will go through your other asks, but I am not pleased with this particular anxiety directed toward me.

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