I hope you don’t mind a multi-part anonymous ask. I saw your post about the California fires last night & as someone who actually lives in California, even though I would happily smack the President Orange in the mouth with a 2×4, I think it’s unfair to put 100% of the blame on him when this is a LONG time issue that was actually caused by an invasive wood boring beetle & idiots who call themselves environmentalists. Feel free to combine all the asks, BTW. There’s a few more coming.

I never placed blame on anyone.

I said he lied in misrepresenting the issue and blaming the victims. the GOP in California has continuously defunded the protection of wildlife areas and the maintenance of forests. For decades. I do actually know a fair bit about this.

The point is that as the President, Trump lied and was a villain. He claimed the fires had to do with poorly managed forests. These particular fires were Urban intersection fires. Not forest fires. In California, the majority of wildlife areas are under Federal management, or lack thereof. Some are in private ownership. Meaning that if there was a fire in a forest, his railing against poor management would be the fault of his own party and his actual administration.

Except that these fires aren’t.

His first response was to deflect blame and threaten to withhold aid. It wasn’t sympathy, or a pledge. He had to be called out by the head of the Firefighters association as “misinformed” before he did the right thing. He’s a disgusting bully.

Please do take your ire upon that point elsewhere. I will go through your other asks, but I am not pleased with this particular anxiety directed toward me.

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