I’ll tabulate Halloween contest votes tomorrow

I need to eat for a bit and take a momentary respite. I’m still on, but need to not be sitting at my computer for about a day.

I am paralyzed today. It’s hard to do things. But I still shopped and put dishes into the dishwasher despite that. I thought I’d talk to someone who would congratulate me and understand because my mom’s just pissed. I’m feeling overwhelmed and when I told her she said “No you don’t! There’s not that much to do.” But despite all that I still shopped and put groceries away, came home and then put the dishes into the dishwasher. The hand wash needs to be done but still, I did stuff.


Tell your mother it’s not h emptily to have her tell you how you feel. Better to just acknowledge how you feel and then help you.

Humans drive me mad sometimes.

So I was copying down a recipe from a book that I wanted to try but altered a little – basically just leaving out things I’m allergic to like bell peppers and pork. (There’s other meats in it, it’s a two meat chilli made with stew meat & ground meat.) And I found myself wonder why recipes always need to say “1 onion, chopped” instead of “1 chopped onion” or “4 cloves garlic, minced” instead of “4 cloves of minced garlic.”

Because it’s bullet points, not sentences and having the verb at the end is easily referenced when your hands are mucked up

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