Hey Simon I know that you probably don’t have to deal with problems like this but my wisdom teeth are coming in the right side of my jaw and they’re cutting up the inside of my cheek and it hurts to talk or chew. And it’s too late to get them taken out because they’re already coming in, and i was just- do you have any advice for either the pain or for making sure my cheek heals?

It’s never too late to get them taken out. Whoever told you that is misrepresenting facts. Go to another dentist.

Yes I do have trouble with it, but usually only after a massive injury to the face. The last time it happened to me was a time when I had several teeth knocked out due to a fall. My teeth are not like him and teeth, their highly flexible. I often find that when they grow back they’re displaced, or they tend to wiggle around my mouth a bit

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