Shakespeare, but every instance of “alas” has been replaced with “aw shit”


 “Aw shit, poor Yorick!”

-Hamlet, Act 5 Scene 1

“Aw shit, that love, so gentle in his view,

Should be so tyrannous and rough in proof!“

-Romeo & Juliet, Act 1 Scene 1

“O, no! Aw shit, I rather hate myself

For hateful deeds committed by myself.”

-Richard III, Act 5 Scene 3

“Aw shit, poor country, almost afraid to know itself! It cannot be called our mother, but our grave.”

Macbeth, Act 4 Scene 3


Jeanne Laisné (nicknamed Jeanne Hachette – ‘Jean the Hatchet’).

Born 1456 – died ?

Claim to fame: a French military heroine who prevented the capture of Beauvais.

In June of 1472 Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, laid siege to the French town of Beauvais. Over the course of the three week siege, a peasant woman named Jeanne Laisne joined a contingent of women and children responsible for loading the town’s cannons, delivering munitions and dumping boiling liquid over the walls onto the attackers.

By 27 June, many of the French defenders had lost hope and begun to flee as an assault from the Burgundians seemed set to defeat the town. An officer was about to plant the Burgundian flag on the wall and claim Beauvais when Jeanne grabbed a hatchet and flung herself upon him, hurling him off the wall and tearing down the flag. Her bravery revived the courage of the garrison and the French soldiers returned to their posts, keeping the Burgundians at bay until reinforcements arrived and the town was saved.

By way of recognition, King Louis XI heaped favours on Jeanne and ordered for the ‘Procession of the Assault’ to take place in Beauvais every year with women marching at the head of the parade. This tradition still continues.

In 1851, a bronze statue sculpted by Gabriel-Vital Dubray (pictured above) was unveiled in Beauvais by Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte.

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cool girls are everywhere but its such a challenge to find one guy thats like mildly interesting to talk to……. it’s like they all have the personality of an actual adidas sandal

Maybe you’re a bitch

i mean i definitely am but youre still boring

It’s because they have no memetic competition. They don’t need to. They’re on top of society and so their ideas go unchallenged, forcing no change, evolution, or development. No competition, no conflict, no substance. And the absolute self righteousness and expectation that others will flex to fit their needs.








When you’re an adult man and you try to troll a little girl but instead she drags you straight to hell.


“I’m down with white nationalism but I will clutch my pearls if I hear an F-bomb.”

White people in a nutshell.

Is he calling her “young man” or “young ma’am”? I can’t tell. Considering it’s infowars, may be relevant either way…..

He said “young man”, no doubt in an attempt to launch into anti-trans rhetoric with her as a prop.

This is a good way to handle that.

why is it that every reactionary white dude talks like this. “oh wow, oh my gosh!! oh golly!! oh jeepers!!”

it’s actually a little bit horrifying that he would try to expose a child to the lion den of internet white nationalism by making her a prop to make fun of. but yeah, the little girl is “scandalous” because she rightfully called this grown man a fucking idiot














corn flaek

it’s because reality is terrifying and our world’s dying, and our developmental years were spent in a constant state of using increasingly nonsensical humor to cope

It’s called the rise of neo-dadaism and the same thing happened during WWII

well that’s not concerning At All

time out hold up sweetheart let’s get it together before you wanna spread  art historical misinformation

@biggest-gaudiest-patronuses​ has a spot on summary of the dada ideology; these artists reacted to the horrors and atrocities of WWI by embracing nonsense in a world that no longer seemed to make sense

but the period we’re in right now is decidedly not neo-dada! you know why? because neo-dada already happened, and not during WWII but during the 60s and 70s, through artists like robert rauschenberg, yves klein, yoko ono, and nam june paik.

what was going on in the 60s and 70s that might involve “terrifying” reality and “increasingly nonsensical” coping methods? the cold war! now the cold war is in much more recent memory,

but if you wanna talk about nonsensical coping methods among millennials? i would say “lol xD so random” culture is probably the best starting point, which is definitely post-cold war (knowyourmeme is giving me 2004 as a good benchmark date).

2004 is only three years after 2001 so this resurgence of dada thinking could easily be seen as initially a reaction to 9/11, and we can then trace the antics of the bush administration, the shift of the overton window, the rise of internet culture, the 2016 election, and the current political moment as developmental factors behind this current dada moment.

so since neo-dada already happened and this is definitely its own thing with its own factors, and since a big part of our dada is the influence of the internet on modernity, i posit that we start calling this e-dada or #dada

tl;dr: neo-dada is already taken, it happened in the 60s/70s, we’re doing our own kind of dada now


dada kink

Is it too late to delete my tumblr?

it’s never too late

This is deep, concerning and yet heavily ironic, because right after the profound historical post comes…dada kink. This is an effect of e-dada

I have not laughed at anything as hard as I just laughed at cornn flaek


It’s clearly Millennial Dadaism.






What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Why isn’t it taught that abortion was perfectly legal in the US in early 1870s and it wasn’t until a Jewish doctor, who was being framed, was put on trial for manslaughter (a trial, as well as the press covering it, which was greatly tinged with antisemitism) that opened the floodgates for antiabortion crusaders which eventually led to its criminalization?

I did not know this!

Me neither, until I read this book.

Look at the notes for the name of the book if anyone else is interested.

The book is called Bad Rabbi: And Other Strange but True Stories from the Yiddish Press. By Eddy Portnoy

Other recommended books in the notes that talk about this are:

The Moral Property of Sex by Linda Gordon

Rereading Sex by Helen Horowitz

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