This is the beginning of my Strasbourg France masterpost for my friend @simonalkenmayer, who, as we may know, claims to have lived there in 1518.

I did my best to try and find things from his story, as well as document the lay of the land, the food, and things I thought might make him happy.

More photos of the buildings and town. Anything look familiar @simonalkenmayer ?

I thought this one might have special significance for you @simonalkenmayer since I somehow managed to find the street of shoemakers and the site of the original cobbler’s guild. That last photo is the building, which I think is original, though it’s probably been updated.

Now let’s do some food, right @simonalkenmayer ? That’s what we care about, yeah?

A few more for aesthetic

My husband has some amazing shots too. If you want me to post them I can. Well @simonalkenmayer ? Are you proud of me? I even found the site of the grain market and the horse fair. It was wild walking around, because I’ve read that story “The Red Shoes of Strasbourg” so many times that I felt like I’d already been there. I even saw a gang of girls wearing matching red galoshes. Things have changed, huh?

I’m curious to see what you think.

I am amazed and very proud of you. I’m very happy to have inspired you to go there. It seems that the place has truly held up. I’m also glad you ate well and enjoyed yourself. 

Wonderful. Simply an incredible journey. Much of it is recognizable to me, though a few things I think were either going up when I left or went up just after me. I don’t recognize some of the buildings, but honestly…that was 500 years ago. I can’t even remember my name half the time, anymore. And if I’ve seen one timber frame, I’ve seen thousands.

Oh and, “that stew thing” I told you to eat is called Charcroute. and it is a go-to comfort food of mine. Did you like it?

What about drinks? Did you drink? 

Awesome! I’m really glad!

Have a sausage smiley face.

Yeah we had so many drinks. I had some great beers made locally. My favorite was a brewery called Meteor. Had great Alsace wines. Some Riesling, uh, oh and I tried something called gluehwein? Said like “glue wine” which I was not okay with, but it’s actually fucking stellar. Probably one of the tastiest things I’ve ever drink.



Oh but gluehwein is absolutely delicious! It’s essentially a mulled wine beverage. Didn’t you have mulled wine in England?

I’m looking up that brewer, because it seems to me I may know why it has the name “meteor”…

I’d bet my life that it’s named for the Einsisheim meteor of 1492. That omen was hot on everyone’s tongue for about 40 years. Harbinger of my heart, it was. Made me feel proper ominous, skulking through the streets eating corpses and whatnot, though I have to say, most were too emaciated to be of much sustenance. Had to leave the city and go out into the country to get any decent meals. 

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