So, long story short, my sis is in a bind financially and I need a bit of extra work to dig her out of it. I’m taking commissions for both art and writing, and while I can’t link my writing, because mobile is being evil atm, I can show examples of my art!

[image description: a purple iris done in pencil and watercolor]

[image description: a trumpet with various music symbols on a swirled blue and purple background done in oil pastel, pencil, and metallic acrylic]

[image description: a lighthouse at sunset done in pencil, watercolor, and metallic acrylic]

All art commissions, with the exclusion of flowers, are priced individually depending upon what you would like. Flowers specifically start at $3 for something basic, and then increase in $3 increments with each additional element. Please feel free to send an ask with inquiries about what exactly I will and will not make, but DM me for pricing specifically.

Thanks so much Simon for helping me with this, you’re a life saver!!!


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