Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cheesy

If you have spent any time with me…then you know about the infamous cheeseball incident. You know that every year I’m given a gift basket, peopled with a new incarnation of my old foe…and that every year, I set the fucking thing on fire, for your amusement.

This year, it’s your turn.

Do your worst. I beg you.

The rules:

  • You must obtain a packaged store bought cheeseball
  • Destroy it however you see fit. I mean it. Do whatever you like so long as no one is in physical jeopardy and no laws are broken.
  • If you film it, upload the video to a YouTube account and submit the link to my blog. Sign your entry with your URL and tag it “Holiday Vengeance”.
  • If you take a series of images, create a post on your own blog and then send me the link in a DM. I will reblog it and tag it.
  • Likes count as votes
  • The deadline is January 31

Your prize will be a book and…something special. Very very special.

May the best demolitiomist prevail! Feel free to reblog!

@apmaffs … field trip?

Why would they do this to a poor cheese ball? 😢

I suppose you haven’t seen the story. You can find it here.

There is nothing pathetic about cheeseballs and I will destroy every last one until I’ve cleansed my mind of that stench.

I stand somewhat corrected, and despite my unrelenting love of cheese balls, @simonalkenmayer slay your demons!

Thank you ever so! I do hope you’ll do me the honor of helping to slay them also.


@apmaffs I say we buy a variety of cheese balls and see which ones burn the best. FOR SCIENCE.

Keep in mind I’ve been lighting one on fire for the public for several years now.

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