What would you change about the education system if you could?







Comprehensive training in logic and rhetoric. Foreign languages from birth. Math would be taught completely differently. Science would be taught a bit differently and the emphasis would be on the method and not the area of focus. There would be no focused history or civics. There would simply be a timeline of earths history taught in modules that explore all the cultures. Art, music, and life skills would absolutely be mandatory. Physical education would be a class in nutrition and a martial art. School would begin later in the day and carry on until the standard close of business. Books would be in digital form and updated frequently. Teachers would be paid better than prison guards or politicians and would have free tuition to all their classes and continuing education courses which would be mandatory. There would be no standardized testing.

I have many ideas.

Interesting ideas…So I would suggest getting rid of sport…

I disagree. But I think deemphasizing it is critical. It’s a game that requires skill and sportsmanship, team strategy. That’s fine, but they aren’t celebrities and they don’t play if they have behavioral issues.

If a child is bad at sports, it is very difficult to have friends in grade school…It is a pretty shameful thing, therefore I am not too eager to advocate for sports as a subject. For all other subjects…you don´t have to prove every time that you are not good at it. In sports, there is no other way.

I didn’t say it would be a class in my hypothetical school. I said it would be an extracurricular. But so would theater, and any other activity the children think worthy of an audience.

Consider this: some people do not have the ability to show themselves exceptional through studies. Everyone has different aptitudes, and some students are tactile or kinesthetic learners, which means they will learn much more fluidly with physical activity. You cannot legislate the experience of others based on your own discomfort.

Physicality should be a part of the learning experience, but it should be that for the people who benefit from it. So what I’m advocating, is actually a shift from the “everyone should do this to be well-rounded” to “give it a shot, and if you display aptitude, feel free to carry-on”

Education should be about three things:

  1. Baseline education to exist in the society we have based on the technology of the day, including necessary skills like balancing a checkbook and cooking. Today, this would include reading/math skills, logic, computers, basic history, finance, cooking, basic maintenance of machines, driving.
  2. identifying aptitudes and giving people a path to become experts in them. Which means that if a person displays a strength in a topic, they can have more focus in it as well as extracurriculars that feed into its expansion.
  3. Instilling in people the necessary mental programing to identify irrational thoughts, confront negatives in a positive way, compromise, deal with frustration, form and maintain a sense of dignity and self-worth. This would mean a zero tolerance policy toward any kind of bullying. It would mean dress codes would cease to be sexist. It would mean that teachers would be asked to identify students who may be suffering abuse at home and refer them to a trained on-campus professional who would provide the student with actual therapy and not a pseudonegotiation with a parental figure.

Anything else is pointless and does nothing for the student. Anything else is merely a stockpile of children no one knows what to do with, who cannot be employed because of child labor laws (which are not a bad thing but are a new thing and shift how we treat teenagers). Teachers would of course need to be paid. If I ran the world, teachers would be the highest paid public employees. They would have full benefits, their classrooms would be funded first and foremost above most other public works.

But people in charge don’t want progress. They want chaos they can control. It’s the same old mentality of abusers who want to convince you that you need them by turning the world into a horror show when it doesn’t have to be.

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