*frustrated screeching* Okay, after today I’m almost certain that a kid I work w/ is Autistic, and possibly has ADHD too, because this is a flavor of hell I remember my parents saying they went through with me. The question is, when should I tell his parents? They’re not terrible people, not great either, but I don’t know how they’ll react bc I’d prob have to out myself to get them to listen. I‘ve already lost one job bc of ableist shit under similar circumstances as is, so… Yeah.

I’d sit down in a formal conference and say that you’ve noticed that his behavioral patterns seem to indicate these particular challenges (chalk it up to your expertise and not your experiences in your own life). Have an expert ready to whom you can refer them for a formal diagnosis. Tell them that once a diagnosis is had, it might be incredibly easy to help the child, because you will have more resources, and can educate everyone concerned, so that they have strategies that will work. Focus on the notion of this not being disabling, but different. Every person is different, every person learns differently, despite homogenization of education. He will learn much better if his unique mind is met and challenged in ways that suit him.

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