Pretty forgotten French words


I found back a notebook where I noted some pretty forgotten French words so I decided to share !! They are in alphabetic order and as you can see I stopped at letter D but I will probably go back to this notebook later so I will update the post !! Also, I haven’t put the gender of nouns because, even though I think I can guess, I’m not sure !


Abeausir (verb) – When the weather turns into a nice weather

Abluer (verb) – To wash something in order to make the writing reappear 

Accoiser (verb) – To calm down

Acédie (noun) – Laziness

Aconché (adjective) – Pleasurable

Ahan (noun) – Big effort

Aheurter (verb) – To persist

Alopécie (noun) – Hair(s) loss

Anamorphose (noun) – Deformed image on a flat surface because it reflects in an irregular way

Andrinople (adjective) – Shade of red

Angustié (adjective) – Narrow (often used for a path)

Aporétique (adjective) – Embarrassing/doubtful

Aposiopèse (noun) – Reluctance

Ataraxie (noun) – Ataraxia

Aumant – “To the future”

Auneor (adjective) – Something that reunite 

Aures (noun) – Light wind

Auvoire (noun) – Baseless belief 

Avilance (noun) – Outrage/Insult

Azurin (adjective) – Shade of blue, near grey

Blandis (noun) – Flattery made in order to seduce someone

Boustrophédon (noun) – Ancient Greek writing (from left to right then from right to left)

Brimborion (noun) – Worthless or useless thing

Bulbul (noun) – Nightingale (from Persian language)

Calembredaine (noun) – Gaffle

Cembre (noun) – Pine variety 

Céruléen (adjective) – Blue

Chrysanline (adjective) – Shade of orange

Cinabre (adjective) – Shade of red

Closerie (noun) – Small farm

Controuver (verb) – Make up something false

Daraise (verb) – Where a pond empties itself (if it makes sense)

Défouir (verb) – The opposite of “to bury”

Désamour (noun) – End of love

Désultoire (adjective) – Someone who goes from a subject to another

Deutérose (noun) – Repetition

Diaphorèse (noun) –  Sweat

Discole (adjective) – Difficult

Duire (noun) – To suit

Dyscole (adjective) – In a bad mood

Many of these fed into English words also.

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