u can tell who the ancients of tumblr are bc they’re the ones not posting anything abt where to find them if this site collapses…we know this site isnt going anywhere….the apocalypse couldnt stop this garbage… has the cybernetic code of a cockroach

those of us who’ve been on tumblr 5+ years: 

I’m not going to lie, obviously, I made a Twitter – but I’m not deleting. If I’m going it’s because someone else pulled the trigger. 😈










Look at this, and remember it next time someone says that the gay community survived the AIDS epidemic.

We didn’t survive, we started over. We lost all but an entire generation.

This is what “we survived Reagan, you’ll survive Trump” looks like. No, we didn’t.

[[Image description: a screen shot of a tweet from @ hanifleylabi, which reads (quote): The men in white are the surviving members of the original San Fransisco Gay Men’s choir. The rest represent those lost to AIDS. (unquote)

Below that is a photo of the choir on stage, taken from a balcony. Seven men are in white, facing forward. One hundred and thirty-two men are dressed in black, and are standing with their backs to the camera. Description ends]

Reblogging for World AIDS Day

Remember, that this, too, is why Pride Month was started.

Good God. 😦

People were content to say “It’s their problem” rather than to fix the problem. This is precisely what that looks like

Pretty forgotten French words


I found back a notebook where I noted some pretty forgotten French words so I decided to share !! They are in alphabetic order and as you can see I stopped at letter D but I will probably go back to this notebook later so I will update the post !! Also, I haven’t put the gender of nouns because, even though I think I can guess, I’m not sure !


Abeausir (verb) – When the weather turns into a nice weather

Abluer (verb) – To wash something in order to make the writing reappear 

Accoiser (verb) – To calm down

Acédie (noun) – Laziness

Aconché (adjective) – Pleasurable

Ahan (noun) – Big effort

Aheurter (verb) – To persist

Alopécie (noun) – Hair(s) loss

Anamorphose (noun) – Deformed image on a flat surface because it reflects in an irregular way

Andrinople (adjective) – Shade of red

Angustié (adjective) – Narrow (often used for a path)

Aporétique (adjective) – Embarrassing/doubtful

Aposiopèse (noun) – Reluctance

Ataraxie (noun) – Ataraxia

Aumant – “To the future”

Auneor (adjective) – Something that reunite 

Aures (noun) – Light wind

Auvoire (noun) – Baseless belief 

Avilance (noun) – Outrage/Insult

Azurin (adjective) – Shade of blue, near grey

Blandis (noun) – Flattery made in order to seduce someone

Boustrophédon (noun) – Ancient Greek writing (from left to right then from right to left)

Brimborion (noun) – Worthless or useless thing

Bulbul (noun) – Nightingale (from Persian language)

Calembredaine (noun) – Gaffle

Cembre (noun) – Pine variety 

Céruléen (adjective) – Blue

Chrysanline (adjective) – Shade of orange

Cinabre (adjective) – Shade of red

Closerie (noun) – Small farm

Controuver (verb) – Make up something false

Daraise (verb) – Where a pond empties itself (if it makes sense)

Défouir (verb) – The opposite of “to bury”

Désamour (noun) – End of love

Désultoire (adjective) – Someone who goes from a subject to another

Deutérose (noun) – Repetition

Diaphorèse (noun) –  Sweat

Discole (adjective) – Difficult

Duire (noun) – To suit

Dyscole (adjective) – In a bad mood

Many of these fed into English words also.

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