This is why we adhere to our own code and ignore anyone who wants to talk, because if not you, then they’d still be talking.

A strange request: You are a popular blog with much influence and I am a nothing blog with -3 followers, could you possibly ask your followers to tag anything #christmas related? Some of us… have that tag blocked. Thank you.

I’m sorry, but no.

As I’ve said repeatedly, and do say in my FAQ, within the experiment, I use tags for organization only. This is an experiment and all of you are willing participants– the blog description counts as a disclaimer. If you come here, it’s with the expectation of being exposed to things you may not otherwise choose. I understand the need for filters, and that tags allow one to filter, but the point of this blog is that you are prepared to go without that filter.

I’m not going to tag Christmas as I do not have any reason to for organization. I have several tags containing the word christmas, which are used to run my contest submissions. That is all. If you’re not able to tolerate an inundation of Christmas posts at the Christmas time of year, might I recommend taking a break from Tumblr, as most of the posts are going to be Christmas related.

Understand me, my friends…I’m not opposed to being accommodating and do consider it a part of my practice of kindness, but I have thousands of followers. It’s a breech of etiquette to ask the whole of Tumblr to tag an entire festival, time
of year, color scheme, periods of tremendous historical importance,
cooking period, gifting and shopping cycle, religious period to adhere to one person’s difficulties. If your emotional hurdles or recollections of past Christmases are sufficient to make an entire quadrant of the year and all that comes with it unbearable for you, then you need therapy, not tags. I hope you’re getting that.

I also won’t tag Hanukah, Ramadan, Easter,
Halloween, or any other holidays from any other religions or cultural traditions. I cannot. My readers come from all backgrounds and I invite all of them to participate unless they are mean/cruel/rude/hateful. I can tell you there is very little Christmas posting on my blog. I
cannot and will not legislate the blogs of my readers. What they do on
their own page is their business.

If you’re a reader of mine and you take to tagging Christmas, then that is your decision–Consider this as close as I will ever come to asking–But I will not be tagging anything in the experiment except for the purposes of my own organization.

I am sorry if this offends or bothers you, but it will not be changing. You may leave if you wish, with no hard feelings attached. It troubles me, not at all. And if you return after the season ends, then you are more than welcome to and I will not say one word about it.

I’m sure someone will take issue with this stance, but again I say, this is not a personal blog. It is not me chatting with my friends. It’s a part of a platform that welcomes all people without attaching labels to anything said, unless I want to find it later.

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