Simon, I know I can’t do the contests but I made hard candy! The skulls and crossbones are for me and the hearts are for my boyfriend’s parents and a family friend for Hanukkah! They’re made with sugar, water and corn syrup which I’m not sure was a thing in the 1800s, and blue food coloring and vanilla almond flavoring.

-submitted by my assistant who still doesn’t sign her posts…

That’s wonderful! You’re next step is chocolate! Corn syrup was invented in the 1800’s but wasn’t used in food for about a hundred years. -S

Having a bit of wine with some food on a river cruise. Delightful food, though I don’t know if you’d like seeing half eaten food.



This looks like art. most definitely. Reminds me of medieval manuscripts. -S

I’m really sorry Simon, this is the last one.

-submitted by the “is this art” anon

Is this a photograph? -S

– submitted by peachbruiseboy

I have no idea on this. I’m not very good with modern or abstract art. I am not the person for this question, so I put it to my readers.

Is this art? Should the crater feel self-conscious?

Perhaps we should have a discussion of the work from the artist?


I’m afraid that I don’t know how to do them all at once because I’ve never submitted anything, but um. I’ll only send a few don’t worry.

-submitted by the “is this art” anon who is coming forward to find out what we think

I think it’s very good! -S

A spice cake with cream cheese frosting. The top looks great, the sides… Not so much. Its my first cake but I think it turned out pretty good.


Simon, my uncle brought this wine for Thanksgiving but its …not good. He said it tastes like what his father used to make but my mother disagrees. Its like, twenty percent alcohol. -jesse

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