Thanksgiving Feast p.1

Hey Simon and friends, here’s the meal for today. In no particular order: brussel sprouts, sweet potato pie, stuffing, white and dark meat turkey, grilled chicken, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, cranberry sauces, and my potato leek soup. Desserts will come in my second submission.


Sweet potato jalapeño soup. Sweet, creamy, spicy. My husband makes it every year.


Okay, Simon, it’s not food but I’m in a bit of a quandary. I need name suggestions for my new friend here. Mom thinks I should bamw her a feminine form of Leroy for a friend who died earlier this year but Google is being no help there. Over on Shifty Thrifting it was suggested I name her either after a Crucible character or Poppy Wickerwood. What do you and your other friends think? I always name the dolls I plan on keeping. So she needs a name.




Maybe you’re a reptilian and that’s why the lizards had to seduce you and make sure the dreams were good 😂😂

-actually Troy Bolton

I just got out of the polls. Rain and cold weather will not stop me from voting.


I like the attire.




Rise and shine little bees! ☀️🐝

This little bee hatchling is one of the several leaf cutter bee species
that are native to the UK. They’re valuable pollinators in the garden
and a gardener’s friend 😀 Signs of their presence can be seen in plants that have had elliptical shapes cut from their leaves, particularly on roses.

Thank you so much to Emily Doorish for allowing us to share this video,
helping to raise awareness of the importance of solitary bees during #SolitaryBeeWeek.

BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine


Please tag me in all bee related posts.

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