I’ve been in a pixel art mood for the last 2 weeks, so I thought, “why not make an expression sheet of Simon?“ I really hope tumblr doesn’t mess up the resolution on this. 




The shittiest thing I have ever drawn.

I love it.

See, this is what happens when I go to the mall, eat enough sugar to kill a horse, get home, and can’t sleep. I spend an hour drawing THIS STUFF and laughing too hard to actually put any detail in.

@simonalkenmayer -I PROMISE that I will eventually do a proper drawing of you to make up for this abomination unto Nuggin. In the meantime, though, have a picture of you with a mouthful of eyeballs.

I look exceptionally cheery…which I would be, with this many eyeballs to enjoy!

Fan art submissions

As I mentioned before, My agency and new print publisher would like to create a digital profile for the Cookbook to help promote the publication. This would contain anything that can be displayed in a digital way, from art, to “epic” photographs of your Pocket Simon’s™, to your fan fictions. Anything digital, and as far as I know there are no criteria as yet.

If you have something to contribute, please email a copy of it to me at lonecreature @ gmail. With the subject Fuse Box Submission.

There’s no real deadline. And I will hand out gifts to any of you who also wish to attach your mailing address to the submission!

@peace-bros has kindly graced me with a lovely fan art doodle I shall use as my Facebook picture.

I do love these portraits. I keep them in a file on my phone. They make me very happy, so thank you very much for providing them, all you gentle readers.

It is odd because it isn’t the sort of sensation my detractors might suppose. It isn’t an “ego boost”. I think of art as an incredible magic, and the human capacity to create art an incredible thing. That this humble person should inspire it in others is fascinating and a joyful thing to me. I recognize that art takes time, skill, and technique – which is why whenever I am given it as a gift, I always feature it on one of my social media sites. I want the creators to know that their work is important and worth pursuing.

It also pleases me to see the differences and similarities in perceptions of me, based merely upon my own description of myself. I like to see how differing styles capture the same notion. It’s all remarkable.

Perhaps some day, I will repost all the lovely images together. A mini album.

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