Happy late Thanksgiving! I’ve included a pumpkin pie made by me, a berry pie made by my sister (I don’t have a picture of it baked), and the best turkey ever cooked by my family.


So it maybe doesn’t look super appetizing, but my family managed to save me a plate of leftovers from my grandma’s Thanksgiving gathering 🙌 Green bean casserole, hot corn, dressing, sweet potatoes, and a slice of ham! Not pictured are the deviled eggs and potato salad. I’m about to have a very happy and full belly! 😋


My stepmom and I made pumpkin rolls! There was quite a bit of frosting, but it was still very good for her first, and my second, attempt at making them!

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Simon! I made apple pie for the first time in my life!! For some reason I thought that just using the egg whites instead of the full egg would be a good idea… but it still tastes great!


A spice cake with cream cheese frosting. The top looks great, the sides… Not so much. Its my first cake but I think it turned out pretty good.


I made pie bites for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately not many seemed interested in lieu of actual pie. But I’m still glad I made them because it helped me work out a new recipe! -submitted by felthief

I think that’s a brilliant idea and you ought to congratulate yourself. -S



It’s gorgeous!



I forgot to take a pic of the turkey feast, so have a pic of the turkey-feast-eve dinner! chicken and veg stuffed Roasted poblanos w rice and pan Roasted white corn….

stuffed Roasted poblanos are a specialty of mine…. poblanos are really cheap here, so I end up making them atleast once a month…. I’ve never made them the same way twice tho…. my stuffing always changes depending on what I have on hand + what’s on sale/in season at the store

rate my dinner Simon?

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Looks delightful!


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