I forgot to post this earlier but now Pocket Simon has a cow. You would think I was a small child with all the small stuffed animals I have.

Pocket Simon would eat a small cow.

You’d better keep him beneath your eye. Pocket Simon is tricky.


Rocking a 90’s look with Pocket Simon being his usual dapper self. Almost 2 weeks out from quitting smoking, got a new book and am ok with my existence right now.

This photo makes me very happy.


I think someone is concerned by my word vomit. I have a fever and I can feel the stupid flowing through me.

Doubtless it has less to do with word vomit and more to do with the fact that you are ill.


Set my headphones down and this happened (I’d forgotten that I had laid him on my laptop). I hope he likes the soundtrack to Dragon Age 2.

Considering his progenitor owns it, I’d hope so.

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