Simon, I know I can’t do the contests but I made hard candy! The skulls and crossbones are for me and the hearts are for my boyfriend’s parents and a family friend for Hanukkah! They’re made with sugar, water and corn syrup which I’m not sure was a thing in the 1800s, and blue food coloring and vanilla almond flavoring.

-submitted by my assistant who still doesn’t sign her posts…

That’s wonderful! You’re next step is chocolate! Corn syrup was invented in the 1800’s but wasn’t used in food for about a hundred years. -S

Having a bit of wine with some food on a river cruise. Delightful food, though I don’t know if you’d like seeing half eaten food.


My Favorite Breakfast

I put bacon in the oven, sauteyed some diced white mushrooms, used the left over bacon fat as well as some vegetable oil to have enough to go around to fry potatoe pieces on low heat, and seasoned them with garlic powder and sea salt.

Then I shredded the bacon and mixed it with my mushrooms and set it aside. I whisked an egg with equal parts milk and poured it on what was left of the grease since it wasn’t burnt. With this much milk, as I hoped, the eggs swam to coat the bottom of my hot iron in a nice thin layer and were a perfect staple to fold my mushrooms and bacon into, as well as Italian and Monterey Jack cheese. Then I plopped the rest of the toppings on top because I made too much.

It’s brilliant and I’m proud it turned out so well. It goes really great with hot chocolate.


-submitted by @levinea-yuuki

Happy late Thanksgiving! I’ve included a pumpkin pie made by me, a berry pie made by my sister (I don’t have a picture of it baked), and the best turkey ever cooked by my family.


My stepmom and I made pumpkin rolls! There was quite a bit of frosting, but it was still very good for her first, and my second, attempt at making them!

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A spice cake with cream cheese frosting. The top looks great, the sides… Not so much. Its my first cake but I think it turned out pretty good.


I made pie bites for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately not many seemed interested in lieu of actual pie. But I’m still glad I made them because it helped me work out a new recipe! -submitted by felthief

I think that’s a brilliant idea and you ought to congratulate yourself. -S



It’s gorgeous!


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