Simon, my uncle brought this wine for Thanksgiving but its …not good. He said it tastes like what his father used to make but my mother disagrees. Its like, twenty percent alcohol. -jesse

Simon, I tried baking milk bread and they turned out miraculously okay. They were a little sweet and I took the second one to thanksgiving at my friend’s place. I cannot cook or bake worth a damn but this has given me a little confidence. I’m trying out one recipe at a time 🙂 also bonus picture of a squirrel squaring off with a car wheel in our parking lot. Hope you have a good weekend!


Excuse my grainy camera. But this was my thanksgiving. Steak and potatoes, on paper plates cause I’m too lazy to do dishes. 😀

– submitted by @cagyskink

The one thanksgiving dish i got a good shot of before The Great Devouring began

Roasted root veggies (sweet potato, russet potato, parsnips) in a honey-sage-brown butter sauce. Used the recipe here: doubled the sauce (its Thanksgiving after all) and subbed ground sage for fresh because we make due. The salt got added to the sauce a tad too late and it didn’t integrate as well as i would have liked (lead to a little too much salt staying in the cooling cup) – my own fault for getting cocky and not having my mise en place going as well as i should have.

Even so – barely a portion left at the end of the night to use as leftovers.

– Sparkle

Here, shitty photo, but here is my heavily loaded plate from dinner earlier. It was mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, two types of roll, corn casserole, green bean casserole, and turkey. Hope you like it! -Casey

Happy Thanksgiving to me!

I cooked for my grandmother, my aunt, and myself this year- we’re the only family left in town, so it was a small dinner, but a good one.

An attempt at mozzarella sticks, for your amusement.

(It was still tasty, eaten with marinara and a fork)


Those are an abomination.

Look here…cheese sticks, breaded, fried. Then not put beside one another for any cooking purpose. You’ve created the next holiday cheeseball and that is an unforgivable offense.

I’m joking but seriously that isn’t a cheese. That’s a ball of…stuffing. Some sort of pillow exploded.


Thanksgiving Feast p.2

Here’s the desert. Also, expanded wine stock


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