Started eating before thinking to take a pic for you, but here’s my lunch today🌮


Simon, I know I can’t do the contests but I made hard candy! The skulls and crossbones are for me and the hearts are for my boyfriend’s parents and a family friend for Hanukkah! They’re made with sugar, water and corn syrup which I’m not sure was a thing in the 1800s, and blue food coloring and vanilla almond flavoring.

-submitted by my assistant who still doesn’t sign her posts…

That’s wonderful! You’re next step is chocolate! Corn syrup was invented in the 1800’s but wasn’t used in food for about a hundred years. -S

Could this cat get a troublesome rating?
-@aceascake (sorry for not signing the other one)

Too troublesome. -S

Hi Simon,

Do you have room for one more cat? His name is Nubby, I’m sure you can tell from his picture how he got the name. He was born that way, and he doesn’t let it hold him back at all.


He’s formidable. -S

So, long story short, my sis is in a bind financially and I need a bit of extra work to dig her out of it. I’m taking commissions for both art and writing, and while I can’t link my writing, because mobile is being evil atm, I can show examples of my art!

[image description: a purple iris done in pencil and watercolor]

[image description: a trumpet with various music symbols on a swirled blue and purple background done in oil pastel, pencil, and metallic acrylic]

[image description: a lighthouse at sunset done in pencil, watercolor, and metallic acrylic]

All art commissions, with the exclusion of flowers, are priced individually depending upon what you would like. Flowers specifically start at $3 for something basic, and then increase in $3 increments with each additional element. Please feel free to send an ask with inquiries about what exactly I will and will not make, but DM me for pricing specifically.

Thanks so much Simon for helping me with this, you’re a life saver!!!


Having a bit of wine with some food on a river cruise. Delightful food, though I don’t know if you’d like seeing half eaten food.


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